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The Comic Book Club of Ithaca
PO Box 701
Ithaca, NY 14851

is proud to present

Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24, 2019
Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM, Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM

Emerson Suites • Ithaca College • 953 Danby Rd. • Ithaca, NY

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Featured Guests

Comics artist and writer Walt Simonson
Walt returns to ITHACON for his first appearance since ITHACON 23 in 1998!
Walt's early work on DC Comics' Manhunter won Shazam Awards in 1973 and 1974. He went on to draw and write many titles for DC and Marvel, including his run on Thor which he both drew and wrote from 1983-1986 and continued to write until 1987. During this run, he created the character Malekith the Dark Elf who was featured in the movie Thor: The Dark World. Walt received an Inkpot Award in 1985. He is currently writing and drawing Ragnarök for IDW.

Comics writer Louise Simonson
"Weezie" returns to ITHACON for her first appearance since ITHACON 16 in 1991!
Louise has written many titles for Marvel and DC, including X-Factor, New Mutants, Superman: The Man of Steel, and Power Pack which she created in 1984. Louise received an Inkpot Award in 1985. She is currently adapting Wonder Woman: Warbringer to a graphic novel format for DC, writing a new Power Pack story for Marvel, and completing a science-fiction miniseries for Stormking.

Fantasy author Tamora Pierce
In addition to all the mundane stuff like her books spending weeks on the NY Times bestseller lists, Tamora is the recipient of 2013's Margaret A. Edwards Award for the Song of the Lioness and Protector of the Small Quartets, which "honors an author, as well as a specific body of his or her work, for significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature."

Featured Publisher: AHOY comics

represented by comics creators

Writer and AHOY Comics editor Tom Peyer
Best known for his revamp of the DC Comics' character Hourman, Peyer is currently writing The Wrong Earth and High Heaven for AHOY Comics.

Cartoonist and AHOY Comics Chief Creative Officer Frank Cammuso
The creator/artist/writer of the Max Hamm: Fairy Tale Detective series, and of Knights of the Lunch Table, Frank is also a political cartoonist.

Inkpot Award-winning artist and writer Jamal Igle
Jamal is the artist on AHOY Comics' The Wrong Earth, and is also the creator, artist, and writer of Molly Danger published by Action Lab Entertainment. He received the Inkpot Award for outstanding achievement in comic art in 2011.

Star Trek guests

Star Trek Actor Tim McCormack
(Sunday only) Tim appeared in 51 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Actor and writer J. G. Hertzler
best known for his portrayal of the Klingon officer General Martok from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He has also co-written two Star Trek novels, The Left Hand of Destiny: Book 1, and Book 2.

SF writer David Gerrold
The author of over 50 books, hundreds of articles and columns, and over a dozen television episodes, David Gerrold is a classic sci-fi writer that will go down in history as having created some of the most popular and redefining scripts, books, and short stories in the genre. TV credits include episodes from the original Star Trek (“The Trouble With Tribbles” and “The Cloud Minders”), Star Trek Animated (“More Tribbles, More Troubles” and “Bem”), Babylon 5 (“Believers”), Twilight Zone (“A Day In Beaumont” and “A Saucer Of Loneliness”), Land Of The Lost (“Cha-Ka,” “The Sleestak God,” “Hurricane,” “Possession,” and “Circle”), Tales From The Darkside (“Levitation” and “If The Shoes Fit”), Logan’s Run (“Man Out Of Time”), and others. Novels include When HARLIE Was One, The Man Who Folded Himself, The War Against The Chtorr septology, The Star Wolf trilogy, The Dingilliad young adult trilogy, the Trackers duology, and many more sci-fi classics. Additionally, the autobiographical tale of his son’s adoption, The Martian Child, won the Hugo and Nebula awards for Best Novelette of the Year and was the basis for the 2007 movie, Martian Child, starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and Joan Cusack.

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